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AMD’s flagship RDNA 3 GPU may not have an all-new design after all

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AMD’s next-gen flagship graphics card (Navi 31, presumably the RX 7900 XT) may not go for a multi-chip module (MCM) design sporting two separate GPUs as previously rumored, and could stick with a single GPU (as traditionally used) instead.Before we go into this, we should make it clear that the dual GPU rumor is just that – speculation that Team Red will build the flagship around a pair of GCDs (graphics compute dies) – as is the possibility that AMD might stay with the existing monolithic design it has always used for its Radeon consumer graphics cards.With that firmly in mind, several sources, including 3DCenter and RedGamingTech (as PC Gamer spotted, the YouTuber underlines that several prominent Twitter leakers have joined in with this speculation), are now arguing it might be the case that Navi 31 will run with just the one GCD.The theory is that AMD could use a configuration of one main GCD (5nm), hooked up to six memory chiplets (MCDs, built on 6nm), which would be a seven chiplet design.RedGamingTech believes that we will see Navi 31 sporting 12,288 cores, and that it’ll run with 24GB of VRAM, more than the 16GB amount previously rumored (with a 384-bit memory interface).As PC Gamer suggests, it may be the case that AMD has not been able to realize the dream of having two GPU chips working together seamlessly, so they’re only seen as a single GPU by the system – avoiding the complications and problems that have historically plagued the likes of SLI and CrossFire solutions whereby two graphics cards are linked together. (In those cases, you don’t get twice the performance – the uptick may be much less than that, and other issues can crop up too).In short, it’s a thorny conundrum to tackle, and RedGamingTech

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