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All new maps in Overwatch 2

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Overwatch 2 tries its best to shine a light on all corners and cultures of the world. You see that in the hero roster, with a wide variety of characters, all with varying backgrounds.

This global idea also carries over into the map selection of the game. The original game consisted of levels settled in diverse locations.

From the broken-down society of Junkertown in Australia to the colorful buildings and waterways in Rialto, Italy, the Overwatch team is always looking to find new areas to hold battles in.

Here are all of the confirmed maps in Overwatch 2 we know about so far. Related: All new Overwatch 2 heroes All new PvP map locations in Overwatch 2 The following maps are confirmed to appear in PvP matches like Quickplay, Competitive, and Arcade modes.

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