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5 Stephen King Adaptations That Changed His Endings for The Better

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Stephen King's novels are memorable thanks to his exciting characters, the worlds that he creates, and in most cases, the dark conclusions.

The author doesn't pull any punches and he definitely doesn't write happy endings that make readers feel all warm and cozy.Many of King's works have been adapted for film, and while some are better than others, one thing remains true: many of the book and short story endings have been altered for the cinematic version.

There are several endings that stand out the most. Why Stephen King's Misery Deserves A RemakeThere are some terrible horror movie endings and Stephen King fans definitely remember the conclusion of The Mist, the 2007 movie based on the novella, which was published in 1980.

The novella ends with David Drayton and some other characters seemingly close to leaving the town that has been covered in fog.

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