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5 must-play Mobile Suit Gundam games

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Regardless of the platform and genre,Mobile Suit Gundam has had dozens, if not hundreds, of titles to excite fans of the franchise.

Gundam games have run the gamut from fighting games to tactical, turn-based strategy RPGs. No matter what kind of gamer you are, if you love Gundam, there’s something for you in this franchise.

This is not necessarily a list of the greatest Gundam games of all time but a list of must-play titles.It is the opinion of one writer, who has spent an enormous amount of time piloting mobile suits from the SNES era to modern PCs and consoles.

It will no doubt vary from player to player, as not everyone loves the same genre of game or gameplay style.With that aside, this is a list of excellent Mobile Suit Gundam games, and all are worth giving a try.5) SD Gundam G Generation Cross Rays (PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Windows)One of the newer Mobile Suit Gundam games on this list, this turn-based strategy game features a number of classic storylines from across the anime and manga.

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