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5 International Horror Movies For Slasher Fans

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Fear is a universal language. Scary stories have been a part of cultures since anyone can remember. Folktales about monsters and demons out to make those who misbehave pay have been subject to interpretation after interpretation until we get to where horror is now.

Instead of through oral tradition, it now is seen in books, video games, and of course movies.Every January, theaters are filled with cash grabs in the form of cheaply made horror movies, often in the form of slasher movies.

For most of the slasher genre's lifespan, it has been considered an exploitation genre, filled with angst, sex, and gore on a minuscule budget made in an impossibly short span of time.

For the most part, they're late-night gore-fest movies that are good for a night in with friends, but nothing beyond. However, some have gone beyond that and into stardom making them touchstones of american cinema.

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