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5 best decks with Ultron card in Marvel Snap

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Ultron is a powerful character card in Marvel Snap. He is a robot created by Tony Stark and Bruce Banner who becomes sentient and seeks to wipe out humanity.In Marvel Snap, Ultron is a six-cost power card with on-reveal abilities.

It can create four drones to survey the locations. So, here are a few aspects to keep in mind while playing with a Deck centered on the Ultron card.

First and foremost, include cards that buff Ultron’s effects. Secondly, include cards that disrupt the opponent’s hand by removing opposing characters or preventing them from attacking.Keeping that in mind, here are a few Ultron decks in Marvel Snap worth considering.Note: This article only reflects the writer's views and opinionsThe Patriot deck combines Ultron with Captain America and his powerful shield abilities.

The aim of this deck is to buff Ultron's effects by using Captain America's "Vibranium Shield," which gives the former a +3 attack and +3 defense.Additionally, Captain America's "Shield Toss" can be used to disrupt the opponent's hand by removing opposing characters.

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