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5 best city-building games of 2010s (& 5 best simulation games)

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City-building games are one of the most unique gaming genres, and not everybody gets hooked on them.This particular genre in the gaming industry has a cult-like following.

It allows gamers to create a mega-city of their dreams from scratch.It’s a gaming genre centered around building a sprawling settlement and managing it.City-building titles make users feel like gods as they plot down a metropolis in the middle of an infinitely expandable space just for fun.

In the previous decade, a few developers did a fabulous job creating the ideal city-building game of everybody’s dreams, as seen below.SimCity is a massive online multiplayer simulation game published by EA Arts.

It is the fourth major installment of the SimCity series, as the previous SimCity title was released a decade ago in 2003.The SimCity franchise is one of the longest-running city-building game franchises in the world.

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