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5 best cards for the latest Ramp Up challenge in Clash Royale

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Ramp Up is the latest free 1v1 challenge in Clash Royale. For players who take part in it, there are a variety of unique rewards on offer, including crowns, battle banner tokens, and more.

To access all these items, gamers must complete the challenge by October 3.The developers describe the Ramp Up challenge in-game as:Ramp Up is a special form of combat where, as the name implies, Elixir output increases with time.

In the last few minutes of battles in this challenge, players can witness a 5x Elixir production rate. To receive all the benefits Ramp Up has to offer, gamers must create a powerful deck — using strong cards — before participating in battles.Cost: 7 ElixirDamage: 216Hitpoints: 5109Once they reach Arena 11, Clash Royale players can obtain a powerful Electro Giant card, which has a single target, high hitpoints, and deals medium damage.

Within a three-tile radius, it has the power to zap and daze any hostile unit.Players should use Valkyrie, Musketeer, Wizard, and Electro Wizard to defend the Electro Giant from swarm cards.

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