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3 hidden commission quests to look out for in Genshin Impact Sumeru update

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Genshin Impact players have the freedom to choose which nation's daily commission they want to complete. With the new Sumeru update, players will have to complete the 3.0 Archon Quest to unlock Sumeru's daily commission.The new daily commissions contain many hidden achievements that players can unlock to win free Primogems.

However, as a gacha game, Genshin Impact has also included RNG in their hidden commissions, making it rare for them to pop on a player's account as a daily commission.

These hidden commissions usually start a series of commission chains. Missing these commissions may result in them not appearing for a few days to a few weeks or months.

Here are three such hidden commissions that players should be on the lookout for in Sumeru.Sumeru's daily commission and reputation board can only be unlocked after completing the Archon Quest in the current 3.0 version.

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