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"You watch my stream?"- HAChubby gets surprised when she meets Korean Twitch streamer Magenta during IRL stream

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HAChubby was surprised when she met fellow Korean Twitch streamer Magenta during an IRL stream.The streamer was about to approach Magenta while she was meeting with fans at PlayX4 in Seoul, when she instead came up to her.

She said she recognized Hachu and watched her stream, which was a surprise for her.Hachu and a friend were streaming IRL outside of PlayX4, a conference held for video games similar to E3 or PAX.

The conference was held in Seoul, the capital of South Korea. Many Korean streamers were in attendance, including Magenta, a very popular streamer in that country.She was doing a meet and greet with fans outside the conference center when Hachu noticed and was about to approach her.

She noted that the last time she saw Magenta in public, she had a whole booth to herself.To her surprise, Magenta came up to her instead once she finished taking a photo with a fan.

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