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"You're laughing, bro?" - Kai Cenat calls out Twitch moderator who banned viewers and demanded money to have them unbanned

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During a livestream on November 23, Twitch star Kai Cenat addressed some problematic behavior that his Twitch channel moderators were engaging in.The streamer read out a message he received from a viewer who was complaining that they had been banned from the channel and that a moderator had asked them to pay $3 via CashApp to get unbanned.While discussing the issue, Kai Cenat noticed a moderator laughing in the chat.

He called out the mod and expressed his displeasure at the situation:Kai Cenat interacted with his viewers at the one-hour mark of his November 23 stream.

He then brought up an issue with his Twitch moderation team:He described the situation as being problematic and began reading a message he had received from a viewer:Kai Cenat made it clear that he didn't care if it was a joke, stating that the moderator's antics did not amuse him.

He then called out the moderator who was laughing in his Twitch chat.Timestamp: 01:10:10Kai Cenat continued by stating that his moderation team was supposed to represent him:The moderator responded, saying they were just "trying to get some bread." Kai Cenat was taken aback by the response:The clip was posted to the r/LivestreamFail subreddit and quickly gained traction.

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