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Xur is selling god roll Legendary and Exotic gear in Destiny 2 right now (August 5 to 9)

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After the recent weekend reset in Destiny 2, everyone's favorite Exotic inventory is back in the game with some decent gear for sale.As expected, players can pick up some decent Legendary and Exotic gear in exchange for different currencies.

As Solstice has only a few days left, anyone missing a vital Exotic or a weapon can go to Xur right now and pick up a powerful item.This week, players can find Xur on EDZ near the Winding Cove waypoint.

He can be found at the top of the "Flooded Chasm" entrance on the northern side of the map. Players can take the road on the left side of the Winding Cove and look for a small entrance to a cave.

The cave leads directly to Xur, who can be seen standing under an abandoned Fallen ship.Players can refer to the image above for a clearer idea of the cave entrance.As mentioned before, players can find Xur on EDZ, near the Flooded Chasm Lost Sector.

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