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Wordle 329 Answer for May 14, 2022

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Wordle is one of the most viral video games on social media this year. Just about everyone who has logged on to Twitter, Facebook, or Reddit has seen those little yellow and green squares in their feeds.

However, not everyone has played Wordle yet, so this article is filled with hints, tips, and even the answer to today's puzzle.While there are many Wordle clones and niche copycats out there to play, the original is on the New York Times Games site.

This is the game that this article will have the rules and hints for. Other sites might have slightly different rules, and they will also most likely have completely different answers to their puzzles.

That being said, here are the rules for the NYTs version of Wordle.Wordle 328 Answer for May 13, 2022Head to the site and choose a startingWordle word.

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