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Wonder Woman Nailed Spider-Man's Most Hated Twist by Being Even Harsher

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While Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor have one of the best romantic relationships in DC Comics, a major retcon tore them apart in a way that made Marvel's controversial One More Day Spider-Man story arc seem tame.

Steve Trevor has been part of the Wonder Woman comic mythos since the heroine’s first appearance in 1942, but his iconic romantic relationship with Diana Prince was erased by Crisis on Infinite Earths, which rebooted the mainstream DC Comics continuity.

Spider-Man: One More Day infamously erased Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson’s marriage via a reality-altering deal with Mephisto.

The storyline was met with an overwhelmingly negative reception from critics and readers alike, who took issue with the story arc’s regression of Peter and Mary Jane’s character development, the far-fetched inability of Spider-Man’s many superpowered allies to save Aunt May, and the outlandish way that the marriage was undone when more mundane events could have had the same result.

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