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Wonder Woman Gets Redesigned Costume in Fanart DC Can't Afford to Ignore

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She’s a daughter of Themyscira and entrusted with bringing peace to the outside world, but DC’s Wonder Woman is also a fashion icon.

Now, a new piece of fan art from artist Hannah Alexander leans into Princess Diana’s Amazonian heritage, giving her costume a redesign that perfectly captures the character’s regal, warrior spirit.

Wonder Woman has had various costume alterations since her debut in 1941. Ever since she traded in her star-spangled skirt for a pair of star-spangled shorts, Princess Diana has changed up her look every so often to keep up with the times.

Perhaps the most controversial of these changes was when Diana lost her powers and learned martial arts from master I-Ching, donning various mod styles of the 1960s in a clear attempt to capitalize off the success of Emma Peel, portrayed by Diana Rigg in the British Avengers TV show.

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