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Wildermyth: Best Hunter Build

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Wildermyth is one of the best procedurally-generated tactical RPGs ever made. Rimworld showed the potential of a narrative that isn't set in stone, and games like Wildermyth show how this structure can apply to games across different genres.

The characters present in every playthrough of Wildermyth might seem like run-of-the-mill heroes who are out to save the world, but the reality is something completely different.The Best Games For Fans Of Roman HistoryA slew of well-written events coupled with the brilliant marriage of gameplay and story elements leads to Wildermyth having some truly memorable moments, with each character class feeling fresh and unique in their own right.

The Hunter class lets players create sneaky rangers or flanking melee fighters who can deal some serious damage indeed, and here are some of the best ways to make a great ranger build using what the game throws at you.Countering in Wildermyth can prove to be quite satisfying indeed.

This is true for both melee and ranged attacks, with the latter being especially brilliant for how powerful it can really be.The Archery ability lets characters do the same, with the upgrade giving a higher dodge chance.

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