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Why True Blood Is Being Rebooted Before Twilight

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While viewers might be surprised to see that the comparatively modest HBO hit True Blood is set to be rebooted before the Twilight saga returns to screens, there are a plethora of reasons that the more adult-oriented vampire series made a comeback first.

Twilight was a massive pop culture phenomenon around the time of its release, prompting a flurry of inevitable imitators. However, before Twilight’s hugely financially successful movie adaptations were even released, one of the franchise’s biggest competitors was already winning over critics and viewers alike.

Unlike the CW's The Vampire Diaries, which began airing in 2009 on the back of Twilight’s outsized success, the campy HBO fantasy series True Blood arrived on screens two months before 2008’s original Twilight movie adaptation was released.

Like Twilight, True Blood told the story of an unassuming small-town girl who fell for an ageless, moody, but ultimately good-natured vampire.

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