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Why Patton Oswalt Thinks Marvel Studios Will End Up Like ‘50s Hollywood

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Patton Oswalt explains why he thinks Marvel Studios could end up like '50s era Hollywood. Oswalt has been a stand-up comedian since the late '80s and can seemingly talk about anything because of it.

He possesses a deep fount of geek knowledge that covers everything from Star Trek to comics to foreign cinema, and his love of Marvel has earned him the chance to play several characters within the extended MCU, voicing both Pip in The Eternals and M.O.D.O.K.

in Hulu's animated series of the same name, which he co-created. Oswalt's knowledge certainly covers 1950s Hollywood, which was considered near the end of its «Golden Age.» In this era, starting in the late 1920s, a small number of large studios owned everything.

Actors, directors, and writers were all under contract for a set number of years or a set number of films, which were all shot almost exclusively on backlots the studios owned and distributed through theater chains that the studios also owned.

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