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What We Want to See in Genshin Impact's Anime

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HoYoverse recently announced during the 3.1 update that Genshin Impact will be receiving its own anime, which has led to quite the excitement within the community, though there are still many unanswered questions.

It was confirmed that the studio that will be undertaking the project is none other than Ufotable, the Japanese animators behind Demon Slayer, Fate/Zero, and God Eater.

This information was generally well-received, as the studio is known for its well-produced series over the past decade.It would seem that the bar is already high in terms of animation, world-building, storytelling, and character design.

It's clear that the developer behind Genshin Impact understands how popular its open-world title has become, and it always seemed to be more of a question of «when» the game would be receiving its own television adaptation, rather than «if.» It's hard to imagine that the show would be unsuccessful, especially if the writers consider the elements that fans already love and would like to see from the anime.Genshin Impact Player Shows Off 'Waifu Army' of High-Leveled CharactersKeeping the same voice actors — A few fans are making it known that they are hoping the open-world RPG will maintain its in-game voice actors, as they've already grown attached to the voices behind the beloved characters.

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