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What We Played #594 – Resident Evil 4, WWE 2K23 & Switchback VR

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As I sit on a train to go from one rainy part of this country to another rainy part of this country for a little weekend away, it’s the customary time to look back on what we’ve been playing this past seven days.This week’s VR gaming has seen me return to a zombie-infested New Orleans in the still ludicrously named The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners – Chapter 2: Retribution.

I’m not sure I’ve got that right with all the colons and em dashes, but to be honest, they’ve brought it on themselves!I’ve also been enjoying more Halo Infinite this past week and a half, with the new maps all providing something new and fresh compared to what was there before.

I also enjoyed taking out an enemy who was bothering my base in a Wasp using the extremely slow-moving plasma cannon fire of a Wraith tank, and enjoyed revisiting the replay to view that death from their perspective.Aran gets us started this week with DC Justice League: Cosmic Chaos, a fun, family-friendly super hero game that he really enjoyed despite the occasional bug getting in the way.Similarly review focussed was Steve, who played “Bingo at Camp Ganado”, which you can read all about in his glowing review of Resident Evil 4 Remake.Jim, mostly played Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty and found it to be a “bittersweet” experience, as he thinks its his favourite Soulslike, but suspects that it’s keeping a new Dynasty Warriors game off the shelves for the time being.Gamoc finished off God of War: Ragnarok over the weekend, which was “very, very good” before sinking around nine hours into Hogwarts Legacy while he had the chance.

Unfortunately the game’s glacial pace meant he didn’t feel he got very far with it, but it’s a good RPG aside from that. He rounded out his week by playing

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