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Weird Elden Ring Clip Shows Malenia Standing Outside Fog Door

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Jumping online in a game like Elden Ring can often lead to some strange encounters, from being put up against powerful invaders, to finding summoning hosts who are dressed in only a pot and underwear.

However, other instances can lead to joining another player's world while Elden Ring copes with a glitch that messes with the ways bosses are meant to be interacted with.In a clip that has recently been shared on the Elden Ring subreddit, this originally appears to be what is happening as a player is summoned into the hallway leading to Malenia.

It makes for an odd effect that has a slightly more mundane explanation when looking at how the host might have been able to cause the boss to appear in the wrong area.Elden Ring Mod Lets Players Become Sekiro's Toughest BossThe short video initially shows the original poster, Reddit user AbdullahHariri, having been summoned as a Furled Finger in the hallway of Elden Ring's Haligtree dungeon that leads to the boss fight against Malenia.

However, the boss isn't behind the fog wall as she should be. Instead, Malenia is standing in the hall with the host and three Furled Fingers.

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