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Warzone 2 gameplay guide: How to get in and out of Airport Blacksite without a key

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Call of Duty Warzone 2 offers great loot - cash and weapons - through missions and AI-protected sites. The Blacksites are a step-up version of the Strongholds accessible only with “Keys” that players can acquire by being the first to clear out a Stronghold and defuse its bomb.A Warzone 2 player and content creator JC Amaterasu uploaded a video on YouTube showcasing a method of entering the Airport Blacksite without its key.

The player can be seen performing a few different maneuvers near the traffic control tower, which ultimately gets the characters inside.

The procedure does not require pixel perfection but will need a few tries to land correctly.Here is a detailed look at the easiest method to enter the Airport Blacksite in Warzone 2.Activision introduced a comparatively large presence of AI combatants in Al Mazrah to provide a different experience.

Strongholds and Blacksites are largely sought after as they can provide entire loadouts, massive amounts of cash, and other useful items.

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