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Upcoming Eververse Store in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted weekly reset (November 22)

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The Eververse Store in Destiny 2 is a one-stop shop for all Guardian cosmetics in the game. From weapon cosmetics and shaders to armor cosmetics, everything is available in the store.

There are two ways in which Guardians can purchase these items from the store. The first is by purchasing these items using Silver, and the other way is by purchasing items using Bright Dust.

Of these two currencies, Silver needs to be purchased using real money. It cannot be traded in any form and can be purchased either from the platform-based stores or from within the Eververse Store itself.Bright Dust, on the other hand, needs to be earned by completing various activities in the game.

These activities include completing Seasonal Challenges and picking up bounties from certain vendors at the Tower in Destiny 2.One important thing to note is that cosmetics sold in the Eververse Store in Destiny 2 are purely cosmetic in nature.

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