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Uncle From Another World: Getting to know Ojisan's Bevvy of Babes

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Yousuke «Ojisan» Shibazaki has managed to obtain some beautiful allies along his otherworldly travels, however, he spends an awful amount of time trying to distance himself from them.

Seeing that Ojisan's face wasn't enough to scare these ladies off, his abrasive attitude does little to deter Mabel, Elf, and Alicia, from seeking out the orc-ish hero.For numerous reasons (whereby Ojisan is usually at fault) this Uncle's interactions with these ravishing Granbahamal residents usually end in disaster and seem more fitting for a romantic comedy than a supernatural adventure, but are highly entertaining factors in Uncle From Another World, nonetheless.Why Tsukihime Deserves A New Anime SeriesThe first lovely lady to make an impression on this SEGA-obsessed Uncle is an intensely appealing elf who, for some or other reason, refuses to reveal her name.

Elf is the most constant companion to Ojisan on his travels, relentlessly following the disinterested warrior around while coming up with the most convenient excuses for their regular run-ins.This hoodie thief perfectly fulfills the Tsundere role with her brutal, love-sick treatment of the clueless Yousuke, who does everything in his power (literally) to escape his stalker's clutches.

Elf seems almost offended by Ojisan's accidental engagement yet blushes profusely whenever she thinks he is making a pass at her and struggles to hide her jealousy when Mabel appears to be encroaching on her territory.Elf has proven to be a fierce warrior capable of taking on and nearly vanquishing the Venom Dragon singlehandedly (before Ojisan swooped in to claim the victory, that is.) Even considering all the horrific trauma that Yousuke went through in Granbahamal, he cannot help but miss the

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