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Toxapex receives a minor nerf ahead of its arrival in Pokémon Go

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Mareanie and its evolved form Toxapex will debut to Pokémon Go starting on September 27, during the Fashion Week 2022 event.

Ahead of its arrival, Toxapex has been praised as an incredibly powerful Pokémon based on its typing, moveset, and stats. However, before it arrives, developer Niantic has given it a minor nerf to make a more balanced Pokémon regarding PvP encounters.

Still, the change does not entirely tear this Pokémon apart. Data mining team Pokeminers uncovered the information. Late yesterday night, an update to Pokémon Go revealed that the development team had swapped out one of Toxapex’s charged attack moves, Muddy Water, and switched it with Brine.

There’s a big difference between Muddy Water and Brine. Muddy Water is a Water-type move that does 35 to opponents and costs 35 energy.

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