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"They're not going to like this": Asmongold claims that he's lost Twitch $158,750 by streaming on his non-partnered channel

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On September 22, Twitch star Zack "Asmongold" provided his take on Twitch's new payout system and loudly read out a blog post sent by Twitch's president, Dan Clancy.While reading more about why Twitch decided to abandon the 70/30 split in favor of the 50/50 subscription revenue system, Asmongold came across a section wherein Twitch revealed that it costs the platform more than $1,000 per month to host a 200-hour long stream.The prominent World of Warcraft streamer then decided to do some calculations and discovered that his alternate, non-partnered Twitch channel, Zackrawrr, was costing Twitch approximately $158,750.

Zack stated:In the blog post, Dan Clancy explained that one of the key reasons for the platform's decision to forego the 70/30 revenue split was due to video-hosting expenses.

An excerpt from the post provided further details:Asmongold read out the aforementioned statement at the one-hour mark of his September 22 livestream.

He quickly opened up a Twitch statistics website called TwitchTracker and began analyzing the data from his channel:Moving on to his alternative channel, the streamer added:Timestamp: 01:33:46The One True King (OTK) co-founder quickly found out that his 'Zackrawrr' channel was the 65th most popular on the platform, with a total of 256 hours streamed from August to September:Asmongold joked that Twitch would not want his non-partnered channel to grow any further and that the platform's staff would ban it:He started calculating different figures:After performing even more calculations, Asmongold claimed that he was costing Twitch approximately $158,750.The YouTube video's comments section featured more than 175 fan reactions.

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