The Hardest Challenges in Fortnite History

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Epic Games and People Can Fly may have initially intended for Fortnite to be more of a co-op base builder with players pitted against hordes of AI enemies, but the introduction and instant success of the battle royale mode caused the developer to pivot and refocus the game on this hugely popular feature.

Since its release in 2017, Fortnite has been a cultural mainstay, infiltrating every corner of the internet and positioning itself at the center of an unprecedented wave of popularity for online battle royales.

As is the nature of a live-service game, Fortnite is in near-constant flux, with new modes, character skins, and collaborations released through its many post-launch Seasons.Another aspect that keeps the gameplay fresh and players intrigued is the arrival of new challenges.

Alongside the other elements of Fortnite's gameplay, challenges are a great way to gain XP and have some fun as players pit themselves against the daily or weekly tests of skill.

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