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The Best Teams To Play in FIFA 23 Career Mode

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With FIFA 23 just around the corner, many fans are eager to get their hands on the game, and more specifically, the revamped Career Mode.

Following years of disappointment, fans now seem excited to play around with all the new features coming to Career Mode, including the long-awaited women’s team and the return of many licenses to FIFA 23.

With new teams added in, there are so many options available to gamers, and this may have many conflicted in their choices as new signings are made to strengthen teams and more youngsters continue to prove their skills.Whether picking a well-established team like Real Madrid or Liverpool or opting for a lower league team in a road-to-glory playthrough, players will be spoiled for choice thanks to the many teams at their disposal.

Following the FIFA 23 trailer and Career Mode breakdown, fans now have even more to look forward to, as new features and additions to both gameplay and Career Mode will give them complete control of the teams they elect to use.

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