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The best Sandman stories to read after watching the Netflix series

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Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman is a many-splendored wonder. One part pulp horror, one part urban fantasy comic replete with Shakespearean and mythological cameos, the comic covers a lot of ground with a host of characters both mundane and otherworldly.

What begins as a story about Morpheus, the immortal King of Dreams, and his quest for redemption gradually evolves into something even larger: a story about the nature of stories themselves and their essential relationship to humanity.

The original 75-issue series, along with its assorted constellation of spinoff series and books, is a multifarious anthology of beautifully illustrated and brilliantly told stories that run the gamut from bone-chilling to soul-stirring.

In celebration of the long-awaited live-action TV adaptation of The Sandman, which premiered this weekend on Netflix, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite volumes and issues from the comic for those looking to explore the universe of the original series in more detail.

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