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The 8 best fan remakes of classic video games

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Sometimes fans want to see a video game remake that the original developers simply have no intention of ever making. Some of the more savvy fans take that as a sign that they need to do the work themselves, remaking their favorite games in new styles and on new platforms.

The passion on display in these projects is wonderful to see, but some do stand apart from the crowd. Here are the best fan remakes we’ve seen out there, listed in alphabetical order. Related: The 10 games that most need a remake AM2R Another Metroid 2 Remake, usually shortened to AM2R, is the quintessential Nintendo fan game.

Created for the series’ 30th anniversary, it reimagines the GameBoy title Metroid 2 in the style of Super Metroid on the Super Nintendo.

Original designer Milton Guasti, aka DoctorM64, stopped working on the project after Nintendo sent a DMCA takedown notice, but the Metroid community took it upon themselves to finish the work.

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