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"That was the scariest thing ever!": Lilypichu reacts right after finishing her Comfi Beats concert

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Lily “Lilypichu” recently held her first in-person concert, titled Comfi Beats, at Candela La Brea in Los Angeles, California.

The streamer spent about two hours on stage, where she collaborated with League of Legends singer TJ Brown. After the concert was over, Lily admitted that the experience was terrifying, and that there may not be another live performance on the cards for her.She exclaimed:Before Lilypichu made it as a full-time streamer, she got her start making parody songs on YouTube, some of which have millions of views.

A talented musician, voice actress, and artist, Lilypichu finally took the plunge and held a live concert.Comfi Beats took place on Friday, August 12, 2022, and featured a number of songs.

Though her concert was well-received by the audience, the streamer admitted to being downright terrorized by the experience, despite being told that she did incredibly well.(Clip begins at 1:56:43)After the concert, Lily fumbled:The streamer mused that maybe she needed more practice and shooed her mother away, who came backstage.

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