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"That’s a problem b**ch": xQc claps back at Pokimane for using Twitch gambling drama for "clout"

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During his September 21 livestream, popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" clapped back at Imane "Pokimane" amid the recent Twitch gambling ban drama, claiming she was getting involved in the matter for "clout."Twitch taking steps to ban its highly popular and in-demand gambling practices is massive news.

While the decision has been praised by many high-profile streamers, xQc is on the other side of the fence.Finding out that Pokimane has watched gambling content involving her friends in the past, despite her wanting gambling streams banned, the French-Canadian streamer had this to say:During the stream, xQc watched a video of Pokimane and was surprised to see her "watching gambling from her friend." Insistent about not picking a fight against the Legacy Streamer, the 27-year-old said:Not pleased about Pokimane going "hard at the big two gamblers," and watching gaming content, xQc added:That's not all; xQc went on to accuse Imane of using the controversy around gambling for "clout." When asked whether he thinks Pokimane is using the atmosphere around gambling for clout, he said:Continuing his train of thought, xQc noted:Following the widespread backlash against gambling on the Amazon-owned platform after creator ItsSliker admitted scamming people for thousands of dollars to fuel his gambling addiction, Twitch finally decided to take action against it.On September 21, Twitch announced that it will ban a number of illegal websites that allow betting and games that are not licensed from October 18, 2022.Read about your favorite creators only on TikTok Wiki & Youtube WikiQ.

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