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"I think it's a bad look" - xQc calls out Pokimane, claims it's a problem that she never mentioned her "gambling friend"

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Canadian Twitch star Felix "xQc" has called out Imane "Pokimane", also a Twitch streamer, in his latest live stream. Pokimane, according to Felix, has not been completely sincere in her anti-gambling stance because she has never mentioned her supposed "close friend" who gambles.For context, Pokimane was seen reacting to Corinna Kopf's sarcastic tweet, where the former is seen in close proximity to a monitor depicting roulette games.

Imane responded by stating that the screen displayed a gambling game being played by her "friend."Reacting to her response, xQc said:Gambling has been a topic of discussion in recent days, with Pokimane leading the charge against gambling streams on the Amazon-owned platform.

The uproar was sparked primarily by the conviction of fellow Twitch streamer ItsSliker for swindling thousands of dollars to fund his gambling addiction.The heavy criticism against gambling prompted Twitch to issue an announcement denouncing the category from its platform.

Corinna Kopf, a well-known promoter of gambling sponsors, singled out Pokimane by posting a photo of her looking at the camera while an adjacent screen displayed roulette games.In response, Pokimane took to Twitch account to lash back at her.

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