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Temtem Needs an Anime to Reach the Next Level

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It would be hard to find someone nowadays that hasn't heard ofPokemon. The multimedia franchise spans decades as well as multiple formats, and has inspired many different creators including Spanish developer Crema, whose MMORPG Temtem serves as a celebration of the IP.

Starting as a Kickstarter campaign back in 2018, the game aimed to create an MMO version of the Pokemon universe, and Temtem quickly gained traction as fans flocked to support the project.After launching in early access in 2020 and officially releasing as a full game earlier this year, Temtem has continued to attract gamers and grow its player base, with fans enjoying the colorful world and Pokemon-inspired gameplay.

Despite Temtem's success, it has still barely touched on the level of renown that its predecessor has achieved, but its own anime series could start to change that.Temtem Would Be a Slam Dunk for Xbox Game PassThough some might think of Temtem as merely a ripoff of the beloved Pokemon franchise, the newer game has never made any secret of the fact that it was inspired by the popular series.

The creators of Temtem clearly saw a gap in the market, and wanted to give players what they were obviously craving – an MMO where they could collect, train, and battle fantastical creatures.

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