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Target’s $250 Xbox Series S Black Friday deal also includes a $50 gift card

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US retailer Target is offering perhaps the best Xbox Series S deal of the Black Friday period yet.Microsoft’s US arm launched its Black Friday deals last week, including a $50 reduction on the price of Xbox Series S.The digital-only console, which usually costs $300 in the US, is currently available at selected retailers for $250, but Target has gone one better with the inclusion of a $50 gift card when you purchase Xbox Series S.The deal is currently advertised as running until November 26, stock permitting.Xbox controllers are also being heavily discounted over the Black Friday period.

At the time of publication, various controller colours are available for $40-$45 at Walmart (normally $60-$65) and for £35 at Amazon (normally £55) in the UK.In the UK, Xbox Series S has been also been discounted for Black Friday, from £249.99 to £189.The peripheral manufacturer responsible for bringing back the Xbox ‘Duke’ controller is now doing the same with the Xbox 360 controller.Hyperkin is working on the Xenon, an officially licensed replica of the controller that was originally included with the Xbox 360 when it launched in 2005.The Xenon, which doesn’t yet have a release date or price, will be compatible with Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC.

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