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Skyrim Player Gets Guards to Turn on Nazeem

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There will almost certainly be a time when people will move on from Skyrim, but now is not that time, it seems.

However, fans would like to see the next installment in the long-running series, but with The Elder Scrolls 6 allegedly still in early development, it's likely to be a good while before a new Tamriel story emerges.

In the meantime, TES5 players are keeping themselves amused in this decade-old release, and one way to do that is to make one NPC's life a living hell.In a recent post on the Skyrim subReddit, user Eddiemoreno has uploaded a very brief clip of their playthrough.

During the footage, they can be seen performing a shout in the direction of Nazeem, the Redguard who saunters around the city of Whiterun.

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