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Sister Wives: Why Fans Think That Robyn Bullies Meri Brown

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While the Sister Wives stars try to present a united front, many viewers often notice Robyn Brown bullying Meri.

Robyn is allowed to get away with pretty much anything since she is Kody's favorite. TLC viewers have quickly turned on Robyn and are now calling her out for her multiple wrongdoings.

Over the many years Sister Wives has aired, Robyn has hardly become a fan-favorite. She's seen as both manipulative and a crier, and viewers feel Robyn's needs and emotions are sometimes too much for the rest of the Brown family to handle.

It is quite evident that many who watch the show loath Robyn for what they perceive as an unfair partnership. Many, including some of the Brown children and spouses, have blamed Robyn for the predicament the large family has found themselves in.

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