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Save Thousands On Flights With This Lifetime Subscription To Dollar Flight Club

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Flying is usually the quickest way to get anywhere, but that form of transportation often comes with a hefty price-tag. The good news is that you can save big on flights thanks to the folks over at Dollar Flight Club, and through October 12, that subscription service is available for an ultra-low price.

A Premium Plus lifetime subscription technically retaile for $1,690, but right now, you can grab that membership for just $70.

So, what makes it so valuable? With Dollar Flight Club, all the trouble of searching for a flight discount is done for you. All you have to do is sign up, enter your local airport details, and you'll regularly get emailed fresh deals as soon as they're available.

Open your email, read it, and book a flight at a discounted rate, it's that easy. With the Premium Plus subscription, you'll get access to the best deals for Business, Premium Economy, and Economy class flights for both domestic and international flights--just don't forget to bring your Nintendo Switch and/or Steam Deck to the airport with you.

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