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Rockstar will stop you from trading crypto and NFTs in updated GTA Online server guidelines

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Whether you’re a crypto enthusiast or prefer to keep bitcoin and the like at a safe, wary distance, it has a wide area of appeal.

Some gamers have been making use of it, too, by either playing games that reward you in cryptocurrencies or trading them through online portals.This was true for users of the GTA 5 companion title, GTA Online, with one server in particular under the microscope.Trenches was a roleplaying server founded by rapper Lil Durk.

As well as participating in community events and challenges, server members could buy and sell loot boxes, turning the server into a mini marketplace.When Rockstar announced new user guidelines(opens in new tab) for their roleplaying servers, they effectively banned all buying and selling blockchain products.

This prompted an official Tweet from Lil Durk(opens in new tab) to formally announce that Trenches, which only started in September 2022, would shut down on November 27 following a cease-and-desist order from Rockstar Games.Rockstar seems to be the driving force behind this.

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