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Return to Monkey Island: A Complete Guide to the Prelude (An Unexpected Journey Begins)

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Upon starting a new game of Return to Monkey Island, players will find themselves right where the series' second installment left off, with a young Guybrush and his creepy brother Chuckie exploring the Big Whoop amusement park.

This section of the game serves as an extended tutorial of sorts, teaching players the basics of point-and-click adventure gameplay.The Best Puzzles in Monkey Island Games (& How to Solve Them)The whole section can be completed in a matter of minutes, though there are some optional side activities that may keep players occupied for a little longer.

This guide will explain how to fully complete the prelude in Return to Monkey Island, from getting Scurvydogs for the two siblings to finding their real parents.

It will also explain how to unlock the Prelude's two achievements, Pegleg and Lucky Duck.After taking a moment to pretend that the nearby couple are their parents, Guybrush and Chuckie will decide that they're in the mood for Scurvydogs, which can be found in the yellow building with the wooden sign out front.

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