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Razer Kishi V2 review: Mobile gaming controller borrows from the best

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Like it or not, console-quality mobile gaming is on the rise. Not only are titles like Diablo Immortal showing that games don’t have to be pared down as much from their console counterparts, but Netflix is heavily investing in the space, and services like Google Stadia, Amazon Luna, and Xbox Game Pass allow you to literally play console games on your phone.

But unless you want to use lackluster touch controls, a good mobile controller is necessary to make console-like gaming on mobile worth it.

The original Razer Kishi was already one of the best mobile controllers out there, but it had a few flaws. Razer wiped away many of those issues with the Razer Kishi V2, which was released earlier this month.

By taking some design cues from its competitor, Backbone, the Razer Kishi V2 improves upon a solid design to create an amazing mobile game controller that is nearly console quality.

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