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Overwatch 2 Phone Number Already in Use error: How to fix, possible reasons, and more

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Overwatch 2's servers have been live for a few days now, with the free-to-play hero shooter FPS witnessing a sudden surge in its playerbase.

With the rapidly increasing player count, numerous glitches, server issues, and verification problems alongside the DDoS attack have dampened the gaming experience for Overwatch 2 fans.A recent glitch annoying players is the 'Phone Number Already in Use' error.

This error is linked to Blizzard Entertainment's newly introduced Defense Matrix initiative. This article will focus on the reason behind the error and how to possibly fix it to give players a smoother experience in Overwatch 2.On September 27, Blizzard Entertainment announced its new Defense Matrix initiative.

The goal of this initiative was to:However, for this program to be active, Blizzard requires players to link their phone numbers to their accounts.1) The possible reason for the error is that your account might have already been added to another account, or the number is not valid or meets the requirements.2) Some players have also noticed that if they use a pre-paid or VOIP SIM card for their mobile phones, Blizzard Entertainment's new SMS Protect service cannot detect those numbers, and players will get this error.Here are some methods that you can try to avoid receiving these errors while playing Overwatch 2:1) You need to open the Battle.Net launcher or the site from your web browser and make sure that a mobile number is already added.2) If a mobile number is added to it, starting from October 7, you'll have nothing to worry about.

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