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Overwatch 2 Mime Moira Bundle: How to get, features, price, and more

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Overwatch 2 has an in-game store wherein a brand-new set of cosmetics is introduced to players every week. The store's rotation for November 22, 2022, featured the release of the Mime Moira bundle, which consists of a new Legendary skin for the Support Hero along with additional cosmetic items.The Featured section of the Overwatch 2 Shop renews weekly.

It brings forward new and fascinating cosmetics for each of the thirty-five Heroes in the game, with the latest being for the evil geneticist, Moira.Moira is one of the most beloved Support characters in the Overwatch community.

Boasting an alarming amount of damage and healing, she is a Support Hero that players don't shy away from picking. Overwatch already has 17 different purchasable skins for her.With the addition of the Mime Moira collection, players will have a new Legendary skin and additional cosmetics that they can purchase for their favorite Support Hero.The Mime Moira Bundle in Overwatch 2 consists of four new items — a Hero skin, an emote, a weapon charm, and a spray.

By purchasing the bundle, players can get their hands on the following items:The Mime Moira skin features the Support Hero in the attire of a mime artist.

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