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One of the best roguelikes ever is getting a 3D remake with a rewind function

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Desktop Dungeons(opens in new tab) originally came out in 2011, and was a game I instantly fell in love with. And not in some genteel, courtly manner either: our passionate dungeon-crawling sessions would stretch long into the wee hours, as I suffered little deaths innumerable and grasped modifiers untold.

Sorry. It's a great game! And even if you've never played Desktop Dungeons, you'll have played one of the games subsequently influenced by its smart ideas.

It plays like a kind of mini-roguelike, where each run's success or otherwise feeds into the next, with an overarching system of characters and classes alongside things like deities that set 'rules' for your playthroughs to follow.

A standout element of the design is that you heal by exploring, making a good route-planning mindset as important as a big sword.

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