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Notorious Bloodborne boss is now a cool Elden Ring build

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A player has made an Elden Ring build of one of the most notorious Bloodborne bosses, Father Gascoigne – as if Elden Ring’s own bosses weren’t bad enough.

Perhaps more impressive, the player has made it so this Elden Ring cosplay build even transforms mid-battle. Heck, they even recreate the Souls-like game boss cutscene too.

There are many great Elden Ring builds for players to create so they can more efficiently get through one of the toughest and best RPGs on PC, but most times players just want to have fun with the system.

Since Elden Ring came out, we’ve seen players create Jesus and Satan builds and even a Mech suit. As encountered and filmed by Reddit player Orionthehooter, one Elden Ring player apparently decided to create a cosplay build of gatekeeping Bloodborne boss Father Gascoigne – who essentially plays the role of Margit the Fell Omen in FromSoftware’s earlier game.

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