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New Berserk chapter Proves Guts Is Nowhere Close to Forgiving Griffith

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Warning! Spoilers ahead for Berserk chapters 365 & 366! The last Berserk chapter that the late mangaka Kentaro Miura worked on before his untimely death revived the theory that Guts was moving on from his hatred of Griffith, but the latest posthumous releases prove that he's nowhere close to it.

It's understandable that longtime readers never suspected that Guts could relinquish his hatred of Griffith. After a horrific childhood, Guts had detached himself from others, consigning himself to a solitary life as a mercenary.

But then Guts got swept into Griffith's Band of the Hawk where he learned to trust and even love. Most especially, the once lone swordsman forged a strong comradery with Griffith.

So, when Griffith threw everything that they built together away by not only sacrificing Guts and their comrades but assaulting Casca, the rage that consumed Guts was so immense that readers rightfully believed that he was doomed to a fate of interminable hatred.

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