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Mysterious Sega Countdown Site Looks Like A Dreamcast VMU, Might Tease New Cosmic Smash

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Sega has launched a mysterious countdown website centered around something called «C-SMASH VRS,» with the countdown set to expire on February 13 at 8 AM PT / 11 AM ET.

The site features a grid of gray dots on a white background, with a few dots turning orange into the triangular «Play» symbol.

Once clicked, the dots create multiple shapes, sound waves, and display the countdown clock within them. The dots--and the animations within--bear a resemblance to the animation motif of the Sega Dreamcast's Virtual Memory Unit memory cards, though there's no evidence to suggest any relation. «C-SMASH,» however, does resemble Cosmic Smash, a puzzle game made by Sega for arcades in 2001, which was then ported to the Sega Dreamcast in 2003.

Cosmic Smash also featured a similar color scheme to the teaser site. The «VRS» is the final unexplained piece of this puzzle, which could suggest this potential new version of Cosmic Smash will launch for virtual-reality hardware.

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