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Modern Warfare 2 expert Xclusive Ace pitches his ideas for changes in the perk system of the title

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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 provides a solid pre-made option of perks for the player base. The existing system is often regarded as too rigid, as the perk packages are locked and cannot be customized according to personal preferences.Perks are a necessary in-game feature in Modern Warfare 2 as they provide additional abilities on the active battlefield.

These abilities can assist in various ways, like faster healing, boosted mobility, flinch resistance, etc. A renowned player and content creator, Xclusive Ace recently posted a video on YouTube where he cited the things that should change in the perk system.Let us look at what Xclusive Ace thinks should change in Modern Warfare 2’s perk packages.Activision released Modern Warfare 2 as its latest multiplayer title to provide a better gaming experience to the community.

Players can utilize various customizable aspects of the game, like the advanced weapon modification platform. However, the story changes for the perk system as the game does not allow players to change them.This has been a standing issue since the title's release, which the community has questioned before.

So far, the publisher has not hinted at any updates that could bring about a change in the current perk system.There are several topics that the player dives into in the video and explains his thoughts on the issues, changes that should be introduced, and more.

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