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"Miz also knew the whole situation": Destiny reads out an explosive message involving AdrianahLee, Mizkif, and CrazySlick's scandal

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The Mizkif-CrazySlick-AdrianahLee scandal has been the talk of the streaming community over the past week as big streamers such as Destiny and HasanAbi have been publicly talking about the controversy on their streams.In his stream on September 26, Destiny read out a message from a person of interest who had quite a few allegations against the Austin-based streamer group OTK and some of the members associated with it.While Mizkif has stepped away from his position at the group, he is still very much a part of the conversation as interested parties, which in this case form much of the streaming community.

They are still trying to decide whether or not he is guilty of covering up a case of se*ual assault his friend and roommate CrazySlick perpetrated.Destiny took the time to read out five points made by the sender of the message which alleged that AdrianahLee was blacklisted from any party where CrazySlick was invited.

It also insinuated that streamers around the area knew associating with AdrianahLee would put them in a bad position with OTK streamers.Before reading out the statements, the political commentator prefaced by saying that he completely trusted the person making the accusations and would take full responsibility if the words do not hold up in light of new contradictory evidence.Having said that, the streamer went on to list each accusation as a point.

The third point that he read out was very damning for Mizkif as the message implied that the OTK founder had complete knowledge of how things were being manipulated behind the scenes:The allegations, as read out by Destiny, started off by accusing CrazySlick of being the person responsible for getting AdrianahLee blacklisted:After claiming that Mizkif knew about

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