Mario Strikers Battle League update adds Diddy Kong and Pauline today

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Diddy Kong and Pauline are the latest free DLC/update characters for Mario Strikers: Battle League, and they’re out now. Originally confirmed in the recent September Nintendo Direct, this is actually a full-on update for Battle League, billed as version 1.2.0.

It not only adds the aforementioned content (Diddy Kong, Pauline, the Planetoid stadium, and more gear), it also serves as an adjustment patch of sorts.

CPU teammates are now snappier, charge times for perfect passes have been tweaked, and you now earn more coins in general. Clubs will also now be barred from participating in a season for 30 days of idle time as opposed to 90 days if no one appears online during that time period.

Note that this follows the prior July update (1.1.0), which added Daisy, Shy Guy, and the Desert Ruin stadium into the mix. While Mario Strikers: Battle League had a solid foundation at launch, it really needed more content to justify itself for a lot of folks.

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